The Team at Tactical Recovery

A lightbulb moment watching a movie led to the beginning of Tactical Recovery.

‘Much to my partner’s horror and annoyance, because I wanted to have a good chat about it. My partner has been in the Australian Army for 15 years. My dad was in the Air Force. So it’s an environment I’ve always been around.’

The founder’s partner has had multiple injuries and surgeries like a lot of other people.

‘The one thing that prevailed through any backyard conversation or barbeque is the kind of dread and the whole f***ed up mentality of just pushing through, when it is quite significant mentally and physically.’


Starting a brand

‘The kind of thing I noticed with ADF members is the fact that if you talk about mental stigma, it kind of gets blocked out. They’re so used to hearing it that it doesn’t hold weight anymore. I thought, how could I be covert and get them to take care of themselves in my pushy way without them realising that it’s for their benefit? That’s where Tactical Recovery and the magnesium recovery came from.’

The healing properties of magnesium

Magnesium has been used for muscle recovery and repair for a long time.

‘I thought f*** it, I’m just going to do it in my own way of being a brand that just says it like it is. It’s going to be engaging and fun, and by doing that it’s going to be inadvertently getting people to f***ing look after themselves.’

Tactical Recovery is not just for the military – but also first responders, veterans and everyone in between. It launched in November 2019 and has rapidly grown since then.

The fine art of swearing

‘Swearing is just so easy and natural for me. I’m also around it all the time. And so is a lot of our market. I’ve been blocked by a lot of Facebook ads. Haha. Oh, well.’

‘It was about being something it’s not. It’s for the right people. If someone comes across us and is thinking, what is an RSM? Then they’re probably not for us.’

Supporting veterans’ services

‘Part of the core DNA was every year we align ourselves with a not-for-profit charity or organisation that is about military, veteran or first responder welfare.’

For the 2020–21 financial year it is with Legacy Australia. S1 from every transaction goes to them.

‘In the past, we’ve teamed up with Team Billy which is a brain cancer foundation. He approached us and we partnered up with him. He’s been known to do things like make a clip of him in the bath with flamingo sunnies. The deal was done at like 10pm one Saturday night over Instagram. We gave $5 from every transaction to brain cancer research.’

‘We gave money to Young Veterans. We did a promotion where we gave $2 from every transaction.’

Future plans for Tactical Recovery

‘It’s exciting, we only partner with defence-aligned businesses like the Barracks Gym who train a lot of people trying to join the military or first responders. We’re in official partnership with Commando Steve with his commando training program. We want to expand some of our core partners who help people join the military and look after them post-military.’

‘We want to expand overseas with our allied forces – so New Zealand, Canada, the US and the UK. We’ve already had interest from some gyms and first responder groups that want to partner up so that’s exciting.’

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