The Ministry of Chocolate

Working civilian jobs at 5-star hotels and bakeries, and an international chocolatier while serving our country in the Reserves, led to Drew and Karin Maddison starting The Ministry of Chocolate post-service.

Quirky gift products

‘We even make chocolate shoes,’ says Drew. ‘We got asked if we could make them, so we sourced the mould and it grew from there. And we are actually known in the industry for the shoes that we make!’

‘We have been involved in a lot of weddings and a lot of graduations and 21sts, and that’s through the shoes. I think some of them are actually collected.’

‘It’s always hard to find a male-orientated product or chocolate item, but we do make chocolate toolkits, footballs and golf balls – so we are starting to increase our male offering as well.’

‘Actually, we’re partnering with one of the local breweries that have come up with a chocolate porter as well.’

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