The Beef Chief

The quest to make Australia’s best beef jerky originated when the Beef Chief himself, Robert Hall, was an infantry soldier up in north Queensland with 2RAR.

The Beef Chief range now has 8 flavours from savory to sweet, from mild to spicy – which all pair well with beer.

What is beef jerky?

If you’re one of the unlucky people who hasn’t discovered beef jerky, Rob describes it simply as lean beef that’s been spiced and air dried.

‘So, similar to if you’re going to marinate a steak and throw it on the barbie. That’s what we do basically. We do the marinating process, and then we put it on a dehydrator, which is basically a fan-forced box with trays in it and with a heating element. We just run that for a little while until the jerky dehydrates, so all the moisture comes out of the beef. That allows it to be shelf stable.’

‘It’s very much like South African biltong. I’d say the main difference is the fat content, and the way it’s cut. Biltong is spiced in a large piece while jerky’s spiced in individual small strips. Jerky has more spice and, the way I make it, it’s a harder product. It’s a lot more of a chew.’

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